My name’s Sarah Jayn Kamalsky (formerly McNally) and I’m a scissorina.

Scissorina (sizz-oh-reenah) noun, a female, scissor wielding multi-tasking crafter, often found drinking beer in large packs pretending to knit

The word was coined when my sister Mary and I founded the Hat City Scissor Squad in a attempt to find some crafty biotches who would share our love of scissors and glue – as well as things like Snorks and The Daily Show. (We were very successful in this endeavour – to learn more about the Squad, click here.)

I’m a gal who’s just entered her thirties and am living in lively Austin, Texas with my very patient husband, one very silly German Shepherd mix puppy and four very demanding felines.

I am completely unable to sit still. Thus, the craftiness. The holy trinity consists of Knitting, Spinning, and Sewing. But, I will be lured into anything involving scissors, paper, glue, shrinky dinks, shiny beads or ribbon….


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  1. HI, I am in love with your wedding invites! Any chance you’d be willing to share the file? Also, do you have any decor leftover? I saw you posted a few things already, but not sure what’s left. I found your wedding (love!) in 100 layer cake.com Thanks so much for your reply.

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