A Good Day

He slept through the night (okay – woke once, but briefly!) for the first time in months.  He slept IN until 7:30am for the first time in months.  We had time to snuggle in bed for a few minutes , conscious and ALONE, before he got up.

He woke up HAPPY.  Exuberant, really.  We got ready and headed out for pancakes.  At his request, he stayed in his footie pajamas and slid on his rain boots with the hugest of grins.  Breakfast conversation was adorable and amazing.  When his pancake arrived we heard, “Excuse me, but I certainly need a fork!”  (Certainly, Actually, Perhaps…. among the ridiculous number of entertaining words peppering his vocabulary these days.)

Off to the grocery store.  We pull in the parking lot and find the Holy Grail of HEB – a race car cart.  Zipped through the store, happy as a family of larks.  Short lines, 2 points won at the HEB Buddy machine and we headed home.

We hung out at home, playing in the backyard, reading stories, playing music.  Many times, he turned to me out of the blue to say, “I’m really happy to have Daddy home.”.

He talked a lot about Anma (my mom) and I mentioned her birthday was coming up. He turned to me and earnestly said, “I want to make her a present!”.  After some discussion, he decided to make some art.  While Steve worked on the lawn, we gathered supplies from his art cabinet and he set to work quite seriously.  When he finished, he lit up like a lightbulb.  “ANMA WILL LOVE THIS SO MUCH!”

After lunch, he and Steve headed to the park loaded with snacks, tiny binoculars and a soccer ball.  I headed to my studio, sewed some new cuteness for my shop (first time sitting at the machine in 2 months) and took photographs.  The kitchen was my next stop, I started some homemade vegetable stock and began work on some Lentil Minestrone for dinner.

The adventurers returned and the first words I heard out of his mouth were, “I smell something in here!  And it smells really good!”.  I showed him the soup and he declared it “carrot stew” and thanks the The Tawny Scrawny Lion he was extremely excited for dinner.

The dynamic duo headed to the garage – he was intent on fixing Daddy’s weedwacker, but became distracted by some stir sticks and paint cans he had set up with a tambourine – he calls it his drum set.  Daddy joins in on the jam session, when suddenly, “Daddy!  Wait a moment!  I’m going to get more instruments and we will have a band.  I’ll be right back!”.  He runs inside and grabs his ukulele, harmonica and a maraca.  Moments later, I hear a raucous, groovy  little song emanating from the garage into my work space.  He’s singing at the top of his lungs, playing the ukulele feverishly.

“Dinner’s ready!”

He runs in, washes his hands, climbs up in his chair and EATS THE SOUP.  People – HE ATE THE SOUP.  Sorry – that was a highlight for me.  He participated in dinner conversation, telling us stories and thinking of ideas of what we’ll do tomorrow.  When I tell him it is bath night, he squeals with delight.

After a long bath, which he exited effortlessly (!!!) he got into his pajamas, we read some stories and kisses goodnight were doled out.  Song sung, chair rocked, kiddo asleep.

I have a lot of other things to do tonight, but I wanted to sit down and record this day for posterity.  I want to remember that these days, though they feel rare, they do come along. I feel so fortunate to have realized it was special as it unfolded… I got to appreciate and savor every moment.

May it carry me through whatever tomorrow shall bring.  😉



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