Trail of Lights!

I thought I enjoyed a good Christmas light display.

Then, I had a kid.

Now I know that my enjoyment is nothing compared to the joy those tiny rainbow lights elicit in my child.

We grow up, thinking we remember that happiness… but it takes sharing experiences like this with a little one to truly remember how exciting this stuff is.

So, let’s start over.

My kid really enjoys a good Christmas light display.

We visited the Trail of Lights last year for the first time and the Bub gave a lot of smiles, ooh’s and aah’s.  This year, his brain nearly exploded.

We were lucky enough to get tickets for the Austin blogger preview event, so we got a sneak peek on a quiet (and lovely!) Sunday evening.  Even better, my sister being another local blogger, we got to walk the trail with her family – twice as much cute.  It was almost too much to handle.

After our second year visiting the Trail with a little one in tow, I’d have to say the benefit of being there before the crowds is pretty much priceless. Last year we bought Zip Passes and a parking pass and even for us (we are on a tight budget, yo), it was worth it.  We had a full hour before things got cuckoo which meant my kid could run around like a maniac – and we hit up the food trucks before there were lines.  🙂

Oh, and your money’s keeping the lights on – quite literally – so if you need an excuse there’s always that.

The Trail of Lights is just another reason I love living here and I’m so happy that it’s becoming one of our family’s holiday traditions!





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