Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

So, we had a very, very tough day.  One of those “Oh, yeah.  This is what they meant by Terrible Two’s” days.  Instead of regaling you with stories of how hard he hit me, how many times he blamed the cat for his peanut butter sandwich having crusts, how many times he asked for something and I handed him Exactly. What. He. Asked. For. and he screamed while throwing said item at me…. instead of that, I’ll focus on the positive and recall the highlights of my day:

  • He threw himself into decorating his cardboard rocket ship today.  Crayons, chalk, anything he could get his hands on.  He loves it.  (Enough that when a piece falls off, his eyes turn angry toward the geriatric feline laying beside him.  Oh, sorry.  Yeah.  Not going there.)
  • He climbed into my bed (as I told him, “I’m not going to let you climb into the bed right now.”), laid down with the blanket over him and patted the empty spot next to him.  “COME HERE.”  When I obliged, I hear the sweetest little voice, “You have covers?” as he brings the blanket over me.  Arms suddenly and inexplicably around me as he declares, “You the best Mama in all the world.”.  (After some thought, I realize this comes from reading Winnie-The -Pooh.  Christopher Robin tells Pooh Bear the same.  I die.)
  • Bath time comes along, to much protest.  He runs into his rocket ship.  “I stay in my house now!  It raining outside! I want stay dry.”  I look at his Father and smirk.  “It’s okay, Bub.  Daddy has an umbrella.”  He peers out to find Steve standing in front of the cardboard structure, holding an imaginary umbrella handle.  (I have one, too.)  The three of us scurry in the rain to the bathroom where we are (for some reason!) safe and dry.  Giggles.  Smiles.  A long and happy bath ensue.

The variety of my day will never cease to amaze me.  Such highs and lows.  And yet… the highs make me realize I would never trade it.  How hard it is could never be debated…. But equally true is that these are the best years of my life.  ❤


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