Happy Halloweenie Two Thousand Fifteenie … or I Made a Robot

How often in life will I be asked to make a robot costume? When my 2 year old declared this is what he wanted to be for Halloween, my heart sang. To say I had fun assembling this would be a gross understatement.

Luckily, I had a box of just the right size laying around.  Cut a few holes and boom.  Toddler in a box.  Happy toddler in a box!


IMG_0517I reinforced the seams with duct tape and left the back open to ease cramming helping my kid inside.  I attached velcro tabs to help keep it closed once he was safely encased.


IMG_0566I found some foam pegs at Michaels and, once cut in half, they made the perfect rivets!  I attached them with foam glue at the corners and mid points, to make things look a little more robot-y.

Next up – spray paint!  My hubs is really good at using spray paint.  (Juvenile delinquent?  Methinks he protest too much.)  Painted the whole thing up a shiny silver right quick.IMG_0591

Next, I punched some holes for the battery powered mini Christmas lights I had scored.  (Whee!)  I pulled out some felt to make a heart-o-meter and some thin foam was perfect for cutting into gears.IMG_0579

IMG_0585What’s a robot without some wacky arms?  Home Depot came through with some 3″ wide laundry vent tubing stuff.  (Meh.  I could look up the real name or you could trust me on this.)  I stuck these in the holes I had cut, and with a little duct tape over the sharp ends, they were good to go!IMG_0587IMG_0598IMG_0569

But, I knew I had another challenge ahead of me.  There was no way he would put up with a box on his head for longer than 5 minutes.IMG_0617So, why not knit a robot head instead?  I mean, because who doesn’t automatically jump to this solution?  No?  No one?  Well, fine.  But, if you’re a knitter you will totally back me up on this.IMG_0620

I used the Be Loving pattern (ravelry link) for the hat construction – when I got to the end, I decreased to 3st and knit i-cord until it looked long enough to be twisted into a spring, then bound off. I made one small pompom for the top and two large pompoms for the sides and sewed them on. I cut a length of craft wire (16 gauge, I think?), rounding the sharp ends, then stuck it inside the i-cord. I stitched the opening (top of beanie, bottom of spring) closed.

The face is made of felt pieces I cut and glued, then I stitched those large pieces on with embroidery floss.

The result? He loves the hat so much that he wanted to wear it even when he was refusing the rest of his costume! I think it will get a lot of use in his dress up box – and beyond! ❤  (Hat has been posted on Ravelry over here btw.)IMG_0725

And, trick or treating was a HIT.  He delighted in announcing to all his neighbors that he was a ROBOT!  He loved staying up late and seeing all the big kids in their costumes – and saying hello to everyone on our street.  It was really the best night ever.

IMG_0727Today, he delighted in tearing off the gears from the front of the body.  (He seemed to think he could just stick them back on.  Learning all about natural consequences these days!)  While I was worried about him obsessing over that basket of candy?  He had some M&Ms last night (his first taste of candy in fact) and didn’t bring it up once today – despite the pumpkin basket being in plain view all day.  Have a feeling I should enjoy this while it lasts.  😉

IMG_0733Next year will be a whole new adventure, but my biggest wish is that he will keep picking costumes that are this interesting and fun to create.  Halloween is my favorite favorite favorite day.  Making something for my favorite human makes it all the sweeter.  😉


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