Thirty Eight

So, here we are.  Another birthday.

Instead of the traditional reflection on the previous 365 days (or 37 years!), this year’s birthday post will tell the story of a very kind thing that a mystery friend (or friends?) did for me that saved me from a pity party and gave me the biggest smile I’ve had in a few months.

We were sitting on the couch that Tuesday evening, SteveKam and I, catching up on some television enjoying a beer when I received a text from an unknown number:

Check under your windshield wiper ASAP.  HBD

I read this aloud to my husband as I walk toward the front door, only for him to block my way with his 6 foot frame.  “Umm, obviously you are NOT going outside.  I’ll go.”  While I’m sure it’s practical, it gave me a giggle and made me feel quite loved.  “Okay, off you go.”

He returned with an envelope displaying my name in lovely handwriting.

Inside I discovered a beautiful card with a ridiculously kind message – and a gift of some birthday money!


Of course, my immediate response was to don my deerstalker and try to figure out who did this.  The items highlighted in this note were not all related to one person or thing.  (The wedding shawls were knit for my best friends in California, for Heaven’s sake!) I felt like I recognized the handwriting, but I am a handwriting nerd so I’ve seen a LOT of handwriting.  Nothing was jumping out at me.

And then it hit me like a kiss on the cheek.

I couldn’t figure out which one of my incredibly kind, supportive, amazing, thoughtful friends was the culprit.  As in, I have more than one friend capable of such an act of kindness.

That realization brought tears of joy to my eyes and I sat with that knowledge for a moment.  What a gift.  These words were so sweet – such a kind reminder that I have given something to this beautiful world – that it hasn’t gone unnoticed despite my feeling of late that it may have been.  The birthday funds were a boon!  Especially for someone who doesn’t always shop for herself because there is always someone else that needs something.  🙂

But, the real gift this friend left on my windshield that evening was the reminder that I have the most amazing tribe.  I am part of a circle of INCREDIBLY kind people who go out of their way for one another… the support they offer each other is given without effort or expectations.  I am so, so, so lucky.

And I remember it every time I look at that card.

So, whoever you are – thank you.  So much love to you, friend.  You helped change my perspective and I have started Thirty Eight with a significantly more positive outlook because of your kindness.

PS – I did try to grill the texter.  I mean, you know I did, right?  I responded to the message after opening the envelope:

Oh my goodness, who is this?!

You don’t know me.  

Be well.

Thank you – this was incredibly sweet and kind  whoever you are! And I hope I do know who you are – otherwise I really need to check my privacy settings on Facebook! LOL

I am just a messenger for someone who gave me your phone number, sorry

I don’t know anything else about u so nothing has been revealed I guess


I know you’re a girl and its your birthday 

Thank you!

Take care.

You too!  ❤

This poor messenger.  I think I gave them a little scare when I called them out for it feeling a little freaky that an unknown number sent me outside to find an envelope of money with a note including a number of semi-personal details.  Haha.  And yes, SteveKam tried a reverse lookup among other things as he was initially QUITE interested in who this was.  That’s amore!  😉


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