Things that made me smile today.

So, his new favorite game is “play nap”.  As in, he grabs a blanket for Harold and one for himself and lays down in the living room.  “Go awaaaaay, Mama!  I take nap!”.   I sat with my cup of coffee in the dining room and enjoyed the most peaceful 3 minutes of the entire day.

His kittens kept falling off the back of his motorcycle.  “Where my sling?!”  Problem solved.  (Please do not try this at home.  You should never wear your kittens while doing anything you would not do with your kittens in arms.)IMG_9690

We had his 2 year well check this afternoon.  This is his pediatrician’s office.  It’s one of three Star Wars themed rooms.  We were in the prequel room, as you can see.  😉IMG_9692

During our extraordinarily long wait, my kid was patient, happy and fun to be around.  We spent the last two days talking about what to expect today…. and it helped!  He was really relaxed.  He wanted Harold to come along.  I can’t get over how Harold now talks, walks, makes jokes…. here he is trying on someone’s sneakers.  (Just like someone else does with his Mama’s shoes.)


We also passed the time with some coloring.  (Crayon roll for the win!)

This he made for Harold:IMG_9694

And this for Mama:


As a treat, we stopped at the used toy store on the way home.  He picked out a new train for his train table – Toby.  TOBY.  Toby, the slightly stupid but very sweet square shaped engine.  He is over the moon that Toby gets to join Thomas, Percy and Gordon at his house.  Upon pulling into the driveway, he exclaimed, “Welcome to home, Toby!”.  I. die.

He received a package today from my mom (some things we left behind during our last visit):

Mama:  Oh, look!  What’s this?


Mama:  Let’s see who it is addressed to…. oh, hey!  It’s for YOU!

Bub:  OoooOOOOooh! For MeEeEeEeeee?

Mama:  Yep.  It’s from Anma!

Bub:  Oh my gosh.  I so excited!  Let’s see what it’s in it!

I made him a grilled cheese and spinach sandwich today.

Mama:  Here’s your sandwich!

Bub:  Hmm.  I no like it.

Mama:  It’s cheese and veggies.  I made it special for you!

Bub:  YOU DID?!?!  Wow.  That so nice.  I love it!

(He proceeded to eat the whole thing.)

Sometimes it’s nice to just write down some things that made you happy today.  Guess what?  They almost always outnumber the things that made you feel shitty.  We just usually give more energy to the latter for some (dumb) reason.  So, stop it!   (More of a note to myself than a command.  But, sound advice nonetheless.)


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