365 Thematic – in the bag!

Holy crud. I did it. After what feels like a meeeeeelion failed attempts (ok – it was like 4 or 5, but that’s a LOT), I finally completed a 365 photo project!  This time around, I didn’t really publicize that I was taking a project on … after so many failed attempts, I figured what was the point?  Maybe that helped me turn it around.  🙂

I fell way behind in posting a number of times, but only twice out of the whole year did I mess up and not take a picture. (I subbed out those two days with photos from the day before or after. You go ahead and judge me. Taking a photo every single day for a whole year is harder than it sounds. BELIEVE.) I took way more on my phone than I planned on… but in the end, I was totally okay with that. My life being the way it is at the moment, I’m pretty sure using my camera phone is the reason I actually made it this time. Not to mention, the whole thing made me fall in love with Instagram again (after they changed back their cuckoo terms of service of course).

So, what does a complete 365 photo project look like? I am SO FREAKIN HAPPY to be able to show you that it looks something like this:

365 Thematic was set up using a new theme each month, which helped keep my interest and my creative juices flowing. (Ew. I hate that phrase. Why did I type it? Why am I not deleting it? Lay-z.)

January : Corners


February : Before It Was Poop


March : Structure

April : Wet


May : Happiness  (This one was my favorite!)


June : Faces


July : Summer

August : Bright


September : Outside


October : Creepy

November : Thanks


December : Wrap


And there you have it.  Some photos are fantastic.  Some are meh.  And I kind of love that.  The collection as a whole now represents something to me that I needed a reminder of.  Art is not easy.  (Well, not always anyway.)  Art can require hard work.  It can require that you pay attention.  In my darkest days, or moods, I find myself whining to myself that I don’t have enough time to create, that my life isn’t allowing for that space anymore.  This project helped remind me that sometimes you have to push to make room – and that the results are not always perfect.  And that they SHOULDN’T be.  Because that is NOT what art is about.

So, that said… I’m taking on a new project for 2015 that will definitely require my attention and some labor on my part, but I think I’m ready for something challenging.  I’ll be posting about that sometime soon…. in the meantime, if you enjoyed my daily shots, they’ll be continuing this year via Fat Mum Slim‘s Little Moments project.  I’ll post daily to my Instagram account and most likely to Flickr.

I’m pleased as punch that I made it this time.  🙂  I hope you’re inspired, as I am, to go make something every day!

Happy New Year!


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