Crepe, Take Two

Confession:  I just noticed this post languishing in my drafts folder.  It’s apparently been there since June 2012.  OOPS.  🙂  Enjoy! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn days gone by, I would sew something up from a pattern and whatever it was at the end… it was.  Success?  Hooplah!  Failure?  Toss it in the corner and let’s pretend it never happened. Recently, I’ve started buying into the idea of making a muslin…  Now, look.  I know many of you seasoned sewists out there are gasping for breath and grabbing your heart with your hand in disbelief that someone who has been sewing since she was 9 years old has never been in the habit of making a first draft.   Save the drama for your mama – there are a lot of me out there.  I blame it on my youthful impatience more than anything else.  When I sewed something, it was understood that I was looking for instant gratification.  I was willing to put in the work, but only once.   I wanted to sit down, bust out a garment and wear it to school the next day.  The idea of sewing the same pattern twice was absurd.  If it didn’t fit on the first go around, its fate was sealed.  (And my 15 year old angst unleashed on my poor Mother.) In recent months, as I have started to make more time for sewing, I’ve started to see how my age has affected my general disposition.  I’ve taken on some seriously involved crafts in the past few years and most of my sewing projects have been things like quilts, toys, bags and frame purses – as it turns out those are mostly projects that required more than a little patience.  As I now turn back to apparel construction, I find my capacity to wait, to pause, to *gasp* re-do, has grown in spades since the last time I was sewing this much.  So, I decided to give this whole muslin thing a chance. Here’s my first result. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARemember my muslin?  While a really cute dress, it taught me a lot:

  • Fit – Too big!  I had sewn a size 10 and although the fact that it was a wrap dress helped hide that at the waist, the bodice was really just too roomy.  You could also see along the back panels that there was too much fabric and they did not want to lay flat against my torso.
  • Fabric – I needed a lighter cotton with better drape.  The cotton calico I had chosen gave great body to the bodice, but made the whole dress too heavy.

As well as pointed out some personal preferences:

  • The sweetheart neckline was cute, but it sat too high on my chest for my liking.  Instead of futzing with it, I decided I’d be more comfortable with the scoop neck.
  • I also decided the length didn’t suit me.  I knew I’d be wearing this dress around town and to the office and that would most likely mean flats – not heels!  I decided to take it to knee length to avoid it swallowing me up.
  • Though I adore a dress with pockets, this time they had to go.  I felt they weighed the piece down a bit, so I gave them the boot.

The usual details…. Pattern:  Crepe  (Version 1) by Colette Patterns Fabric:  Cotton voile, Amy Butler Soul Blossoms in Dancing Paisley LimestoneOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Size:  8, shortened skirt by 2 inches Notes:  Omitted pockets I’m pickled tink with the final result.  Light, super comfortable and easy to dress up or dress down.  If this didn’t teach me a lesson about the value of sewing a muslin, I don’t know what would!


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