Eleven (ELEVEN!) Months

A few days late… seems so typical for me lately…

Eleven Months

So, the little dude is eleven months old.  At the end of this month, my little teeny baby bub will turn one.  He will move on from babyhood into toddlerdom.  I might cry.  Wait.  Scratch that.  Why would I cry?  In a few weeks, I will mark one year of:

a) keeping a small human alive and healthy

b) keeping myself alive and healthy, maintaining some level of sanity and (after a buttload of hard work) losing all that baby weight

c) running a household on one less income without going bankrupt, getting divorced or racking up piles of debt

Maybe I’ll delve more into all we’ve accomplished when the big day gets here, but for now… this keeps me from weeping over my baby becoming a tot.  It’s been a pretty darn successful year for all 3 of us.  🙂

What’s new this month?  HE DOESN’T STOP MOVING. EVER. Our days are so very different now than one month ago.  I chase after him all day and we have a ton of fun playing with toys, exploring the house and harassing hanging out with the animals.  TEETHING BITES.  (har har har)  Two more teeth have poked through and two more are working their way down.  There is drool.  There is crabbiness.  There is biting.  There is no sleep.  HE HAS A COUSIN!  Charlie Cornelius Leonard made his appearance on May 27 and Fox is pleased as punch to have a new playmate.  He just needs to learn how to hold that cute little noggin of his up and they’ll be on their way…


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