Ten Months

Holy moly, we are closing in on the one year mark, aren’t we?  Eep!

Ten Months Final

What a busy month my young man had!  He’s now crawling and pulling himself up to stand (usually using SteveKam or myself).  He’s finally sleeping through the night, too!  He’s an early riser, so we’re up by 6am, but no complaints!  We’re all getting some much needed rest and starting our days off in a collectively improved mood.

My little yogi… he’s getting quite good at downward dog!



We’ve moved out of the baby tub into the regular one!  Splashing is a favorite activity (duh) but now kicking his legs brings a whole new level of entertainment to our time in the tub.  We’re starting swim lessons next week, so the timing is just right!  hee hee


We fiiiiiinally got around to painting the little dude’s room.  The little dude’s PINK room, I should say.  I’ve been way lazy about it since I’m well aware he doesn’t know any better and hey – it’s a lesson in gender stereotypes.  The replacement is a nice neutral spring green… the before & after will be a future post (near future, I hope!).

Lots of trips to the park these days – especially with Layla in tow.  Fox loves the dog park more than any playground, so we try to get there a couple of times a week (time and weather permitting.)  It’s so fun to watch him smile at all the pups – we are most certainly raising an animal lover.

Even better – lots of play dates!  It’s so heart melting to watch the little guy connect with other people his size.  The bigger he gets, the more amazing it gets.  So grateful to know so many kind and fun mamas with littles close to Fox’s age.  🙂


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