That Time He Pooped On The Rug

Sometimes you’re having such a rough day, that it takes something absolutely horrible to snap your brain back like a rubber band so hard you pee your pants laughing.

My baby pooped on my brand new rug.  My BABY pooped on my brand NEW rug.

photo 1

After all our worry about which cat would scratch it up, when the dog would cover it in mud, how much they could all puke on it… it was the other wild animal in our home who took it upon himself to christen our new home furnishing.

To back things up a bit, things have been on the rough side around here this week.  Kiko Cat’s health is rapidly declining and we are coming (slowly) to terms with the fact that the end of his battle is near.  He’s refusing to eat and is spending most of his time in the bathtub.  :-\  We’re worried and stressed out.

Fast forward to this afternoon.  My 9.5 month old turns a bit red in the face, clearly unloading some baggage.  The surprise came when he lunged forward to crawl up on me when I see he left something behind.  Upon closer inspection, something had escaped out the side of his diaper… along with up his back – and joy! – down his leg.  To sum up:  turd on my brand new rug.  poo covered child in my arms.

Off to get cleaned up…  can’t get any worse, right?  Oh, but he was on a roll.  It took some doing to get him undressed without covering the rest of him in feces…. we finally make it to the diaper and he lets out a giant cackle and while staring right at me with the biggest grin everrrrr reaches his hand around to his bum and grabs a handful of poo.  Followed by what I can only call the baby version of laughing until he peed his pants.  I proceeded to laugh so hard I cried.  I informed him this was the worst thing he had ever done to me knowing full well he pushed himself out of my vagina.

In reality, it was the best thing that happened all day and (as crazy as this sounds) exactly what I needed to boost me out of a sad 2

And hey – at least he helped me clean up.  😉


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