Eight and Nine (and I suck at blogging)

Eight Months

Nine Months


We’ve had a couple of really busy months around here and I totally neglected the blog!  It was a good wake up call though – and a reminder that I really want to revive this space for more than just baby photos.  🙂  More on that another day…

The little guy is rolling and scooting around like mad.  He has moved baaaaackwards a few times, but no forward movement quite yet. But, gosh, he is right on the edge!  He’s even learned how to move from laying down to sitting up.  Which requires all the same muscles and even similar movement to crawling.  SteveKam thinks he’s making a point… he is determined to skip crawling and go straight to walking.  (or running… ha)  I’m still holding out hope – I feel like he’ll be crawling sometime in the next couple of weeks.  Place your bets!

We had our first out of town family trip – and for the happiest occasion!  We headed to New Braunfels for a few days for Heather and Ben’s wedding.  It was an incredible party with the funnest people ever and a fantastic learning experience for newbie parents traveling with a baby.  Overall, Fox did great (except for sleeping! he wouldn’t have anything to do with that!) and even made it through the ceremony (with me as part of the bridal party) sans meltdown.  Also, he wore a tiny bow tie.  Come on.  Totally worth a couple of sleepless nights.  😉  Oh, and I scored another awesome brother-in-law out of the weekend.  Sweet!

On the home front, we’re dealing with a sick kitty and all the trips to the vet that such a situation entails.  SteveKam’s little buddy, Kiko, is battling kidney disease and *sniff sniff* the big C.  (Pets getting cancer seriously feels like the most unfair thing ever.)  The past month has been a roller coaster to say the least.  It looks like he is starting to stabilize and hopefully will for a while.  (Good thoughts for our friend are much appreciated!)

I’ve started to carve out time to sew and craft again (hallelujah!) and I think I’ll save all that goodness for another post… it gives me an excuse to get my butt back in gear and blog again.  Whee!


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