Half a year…

6 months.  6 months?  I know I keep saying this… but… how did that happen?!  Each day seems to fly by quicker than its predecessor.

Six MonthsWe’ve had quite a hectic month here at the Rancho.  We up and bought a house, people!  Although we had been thinking about it for a long time (since we arrived in Austin three years ago, really) it feels like this happened in a flash.  We did a lot of house hunting and eventually settled on South Austin to be near my sister and her hubs… mainly because they are expecting a wee one of their own this May!  Baby town!  Tiny cousin time!  We’re super excited to be in the same part of town as them so Fox can really connect with his cuz and we can all support each other with our growing families.  🙂

Yes, yes.  That’s all faboo.  La la la.  Moving sucks.  MOVING WITH A BABY REALLY SUCKS.  I know people have done it before me and will do it after me.  I know it’s do-able.  It’s possible.  Yadda yadda.  But, when you’re in the middle of it, you feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.  Then… when you see the faint glimmer of a light… you realize it’s a train.

At this point, the worst is over and we’re in the midst of unpacking.  New house, new neighborhood, new commute for SteveKam (boo – he is such a trooper to do this for us.).  For the littlest Kam, it’s been a bit of an adjustment as well.  After a few days, I think he’s finally settling back into his old sleep routine and his spirits are high.  🙂

Beyond the big move, the little guy has had a very busy month!  We tried out some real food, he started sitting up, he’s started to wiggle while on his tummy as if he wants to crawl (!) and I think there are a couple of teeth just dying to poke up through those gums!

Six months under our belt… I’d say we weren’t doing too shabby!

Merry merry and happy happy, y’all!





  1. I didn’t think seeing the first tooth break through would be super exciting but boy was I wrong. I was beyond excited.

    Congrats on the new house! I’m daydreaming of moving back to Austin. I so loved living there. It has the best laid back vibe.

    1. Sara and I daydream about that, too! 🙂 We think we’d have some pretty epic crafternoons with you here!! And yeah, now that this tooth business is on the horizon… it’s pretty darn exciting! I really cannot get over how fast things seem to happen… I can’t believe it’s time for teeth already. It’s just bats.

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