Today, I am thinking about home.

Sometimes it takes something profound to remind me that Texas isn’t home.  (At least not yet…)  A year ago today, I was reminded.

One year later and I realize that the feeling may never pass.  Something awful happened where I grew up.  Something awful happened in the quiet,  little town I lived in for six years as an adult.  Something awful happened at the tiny elementary school across the street from the house I rented with my sister.  

One year ago, all I wanted to do was hop on a plane and go home.  I can’t quite explain the logic… maybe  it’s just instinct.  People at home were hurting.  I wanted to hug every person I knew.  I had never felt so far away from them before.

I can’t help but feel the same way today.  I know my presence wouldn’t make a difference, but I find myself longing to be with my friends.  Not to talk about what happened… just to share the same air and enjoy each other’s existence.  To feel at home again.

Instead, I will be thinking of them, and everyone in our small corner of Connecticut, today.  I’ll send them all the love, hope and support I can from all these miles away.

Today, I’ll walk lightly.  I’ll walk with kindness.  I’ll walk with compassion.  I’ll wake up tomorrow and do my best to walk my path this way again and to repeat it every day.

Love wins.


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