Fa la la la la la Fox

After a very long hiatus, I’m finally back at my sewing machine!

And given the time of year, I am diving head first into my pile of holiday projects.  First up?  Well, someone in this house needs a Christmas stocking!


I started my raiding my fabric stash and was super delighted to find that I had everything I needed to make a fab little hanging gift receptacle.  Some red velvet (scored at a thrift store a million years ago) for the outer shell, some plaid tafetta for a lining (scored at a Scissor Squad swap – thanks, girls!), cream wool felt for the cuff and some wool blend felt for his name and extra embellishment.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI found a basic pattern online (to be sure I got the shape and size right) and ditched the directions since I had something in my head already.  Thanks to SteveKam having a day off (and enjoying some quality time with the peanut!), I was able to cut and stitch to my heart’s content for a couple of hours and knocked the stocking right out!  After the little dude’s bedtime (oh yeah – HE HAS A BEDTIME NOW!!!!), I worked on sketching and cutting out the letters and pieces of the Christmas tree.  Today I snagged some craft time when he went down for  a couple of naps (yep.  that’s right.  HE NAPS NOW, TOO!!!) and appliquéd the front pieces and voila!  Someone is ready for Santa …. to find some way in this house that does not involve a chimney since we don’t currently have one.  Let’s be thankful he’s too little to ask his sleep deprived mother about that.  I’ve got nothing.




Well… I love this thing.  It’s fracking adorable, if I do say so myself.  Of course, I also hate it… compared to this bad boy, the stockings SteveKam and I have now look like total crap.  I might need to add two more items to my to-sew list…  Boo hoo.  😉



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