Three Months Old

Three Months

Time is flying and this baby is GROWING.  We are currently at the tail end (I think/hope) of a mean growth spurt, so I am a bit on the exhausted side.  Even more than usual!  I thought this kid ate a lot on a normal day…. whilst growing, he becomes especially ravenous.  On the bright side, this should give my body a little boost in the calorie burning category!  🙂  My weight loss stalled out a bit, so losing a few pounds this week has been super nice.

Sleep is pretty much the same… he doesn’t seem to want to give up his one middle of the night feeding yet.  Can’t complain too much though – getting up once is sooooo much better than getting up every 2 hours!  What I can (and do) complain about, however, is his complete refusal to nap during the day.  I know he’s tired – and so does he.  But, he fights it every time.  Hoping that this is just a phase and that he’ll get past it… but we are going on about 6 weeks of no naps… and it’s taking a toll on both of us!

Outside the baby world, I’m starting to miss my creative time…  After spending some time with my Mom this past week, I started to realize just how much.  She gave me a bit of a pep talk and really encouraged me to get back to creating as soon as possible.  Even if it takes a while and even if I don’t get much time for it each day, I can and should carve out a little time every day to nurture my artistic side.  In that vein, I dropped off my sewing machine for service yesterday (time to get the ol’ girl cleaned up!) and I am putting together a wish list of projects I’d like to take on.

I also set a couple of goals for myself.  By (or around) the time Fox is 6 months old, I want to be ready to start taking on custom seamstress jobs and I would like to get a new Etsy endeavor running.

Oh!  And running!  Yes please!  Still waiting for the weather to turn toward the cool… once that happens, little man and I are hitting the pavement with the BOB and these last baby related pounds (plus some of their buddies!) will be evicted.  Time to get my body back, yo.  Again… if I could get my baby weight off by the 6 month mark, I’d be over the moon.  If it takes me until the 9 month mark though, I’ll still be pleased…. something to be said for taking as much time to lose this as it took to put on.  (Thanks Hilary for pointing that out.  It was an a-ha moment for me. Well, actually more like a duh moment.)

Lots of good stuff happening and lots more to look forward to.  And despite still running on empty…. the baby snuggles are, in fact, even better than they were 3 months ago.  Even on our hardest day, the good outweighs the bad and for that I am grateful.  🙂


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