Two Months

Umm… how did that happen?

We suddenly find ourselves two months into parenthood.  We’ve had some significant accomplishments in the past month – some of which are starting to help the days pull apart a bit more (rather than seeming like one. long. day.)

Two Months

What has Fox done this month?

  • He’s sleeping a bit better at night (5-6 hours on average – then eating and back to bed for another hour or two).  But, we still have to work on naps… he just doesn’t like them!  But his Mumma neeeeeds him to take at least one a day, so it’s an ongoing project.
  • He smiles!  He coos!  He (kind of) talks to us!  He also giggles in his sleep, so we’ve had a preview of the ridiculous adorbs to come.
  • Little Dude’s little hands have unclenched and he’s having fun playing with them.  His favorite activity is sticking his entire hand in his mouth.  Quite a feat considering the size of his hands.  Then again, he appears to have my mouth… so there is plenty of room in there.
  • He reaches for things!  He grabs them!  Wild stuff.  He’s currently obsessed with a stuffed monkey rattle that my friend Lauren gave him.  It has been a saving grace a few times now… providing distraction to help avoid a baby meltdown.  (Thank the Gods for toys!)
  • He’s grown.  A lot.

And how about his parents?

  • We went on a date.  My mom watched Little Dude and we went out for dinner – and even stopped at Amy’s for ice cream!  It was a little nerve wracking, but totally worth it and MUCH needed.  We’ve made a commitment to one another that this is going to be something we continue to do… maybe every other week…
  • I went for a run.  A RUN!  It was short.  And yet to be repeated.  But it was a nice preview of life to come…
  • I’m down to the last 15 pounds to lose until I’m back to my pre-baby weight.  Feeling better than I was.  Not great yet… but better.  I’ll take it.  🙂

So there we are.  I am still considerably sleep deprived, so by no means do I guarantee that I have not missed a blatantly obvious milestone.  But, hey…. part of motherhood is accepting imperfection.  An excellent exercise for a recovering perfectionist….


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