One Month!

Hard to believe, but the little man is already 1 month old.  (I’m a few days late in getting this post up – I’m sure y’all understand.)

One Month

Fox is a big boy – he’s already grown a half inch and gained over a pound and a half.  I think he’ll be taller than me by somewhere around the 3rd grade.

We’re working on getting him into a routine as far as sleeping and eating.  The first couple of days on the new schedule (suggested by our pediatrician) were rough, but it’s starting to get better – and the best part is that he seems happier and feeling better.  (We had been battling some terrible gas… not fun!)

So, what’s happened in the last month?

  • I’ve been peed on, pooped on and spit upon.
  • I’ve learned I can survive and function on two hours of sleep.
  • I’ve recovered physically and been able to keep myself (mostly) together emotionally.
  • I’ve lost about half my baby weight and am starting to see the rest drop at a more steady rate.
  • We’ve transitioned from disposable diapers to the cloth.
  • I am now a pro at spraying poo off of fabric.
  • I’ve officially done more laundry than ever before in my life.
  • I’ve become a pro swaddler.
  • It has been discovered that SteveKam and I do not know any proper lullabies.  Fox has been serenaded with such gems as the A-Team theme song and Hip-hop-opotomus.  The long term damage of this has yet to be determined.

Of course, the most exciting developments are the cooing and adorable sounds coming out of this kid.  And as of this morning…. SMILES!  Halellujah.  Seeing that little mug light up with a giant grin was as good as an 8 hour stretch of sleep.  It recharged my batteries.  🙂

On to month 2!


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