Week 40

The very best week of all!  HE’S HERE!  😀

I’m working on writing up a post on the little guy’s birth story, but first wanted to share our last “bump” photo!  The bump is on the outside!  He’s a baby!  An outside baby!  We couldn’t be happier.   🙂


Please meet Fox Andrew, my favoritest person ever ever ever.

His first name was one that his Dad thought of.  We had gone back and forth about boy names for weeks (months really) with no end in sight.  One night, on our way back from my sister’s house, Steve looked at me and said, “What do you think about ‘Fox’?”.  I paused.  I said, “Hmm.  You know, I kind of like that!  Let’s put it on the list.”  (The list was a very short one – and all were names that failed to please us both.)  We kept up the discussion, but we kept coming back to Fox – so we started using it around the house as we talked to him and *boom*.  Turns out it was his name.

On a side note, as soon as Steve suggested Fox, it made me think of one of my favorite moments of our honeymoon to West Texas.  We were in Big Bend National Park and had made our way to Chisos Basin, the mountainous region, where we’d set up camp for a couple days.  Our goal that day was to make it to a spot called The Window for sunset since it was supposed to be especially beautiful when the sun hit the crevasse between two gigantic rock formations (an opening where you could see out – and down! gulp! – for what seemed like forever).  It was a bit of a hike out and we knew we had to hustle if we wanted to make it back to our campsite before dark.  So, hustle we did – all the way down the trail full speed with nary a break.  (Heartbreaking for the photographer here!)  It was worth it.  The Window was really breathtaking.  (You can see my pics over on Flickr.)  We spent some time there – a little too much we started to fear as the sun started its retreat – so, we hit the trail hard headed back to our North Face honeymoon suite.  We must have been about 2/3 of the way back to the trailhead when I heard a little rustle to our left.  I stopped and raised my hand to alert SteveKam.  (I do this often for wildlife – it can drive him bonkers as I always seem to have this look of urgency as if it’s a bear coming up on us – even if it’s just a hummingbird I want to point out.)  We paused and there he was – this beautiful gray fox standing in the woods on the edge of the trail.  Time seemed to freeze as we exchanged a quiet, mutual acknowledgement.  Suddenly, the setting sun was the last thing on my mind.  While it only lasted a few moments, something about it stayed with me and became one of my favorite memories from that trip.  Steve and I later said there was something that felt really cool and almost (as silly as it sounds) magical or spiritual about it.  After that we hoofed it double time back to home base (which happened to be surrounded by tiny white tailed deer) and settled in for the night.

So, that is what I think of when I think of the little dude’s name.  🙂  Of course, now that warm and fuzzy feeling I got whenever I thought of this story is amplified by 1,000!  I hope he loves it as much as we do – so far, it really suits him.

His middle name was my pick.  🙂  Andrew is after my Uncle Andy, my Mom’s brother up in Maine.  My Uncle Andy has been a huge influence in my life – especially when it comes to my love of the outdoors.  He’s led many an adventure up a mountain, down a river, through the forest – via snowshoe, canoe, hiking boot, cross country skis… you name it, not only has he done it, but he can usually tell you all about the history of the location and the sport.  He and my Aunt Missy live on the lake that my Mom’s family (as well as my sisters and I) pretty much grew up on. Missing our semi-annual trips to see them was one of the few things Steve and I considered staying in the Northeast for.  We miss Maine – and we miss Andy and Missy a lot.  When thinking baby names, I didn’t hesitate to give our little fella a link to his Maine family and to someone who inspired me to explore the outside world and to appreciate the quiet in places where few feet tread.  🙂  I hope to inspire the same love for nature in Fox.

We’re not getting much sleep these days, but I know it could be (and might get… lol) worse!  Steve is home for 2 weeks on paternity leave, so the three of us are getting to know one another as a family and enjoying every second of it!






  1. Wuhuuu…. CONGRATULATIONS 🙂 🙂 🙂 He is just SO CUTE!!! I love all the black hair, he is a very beautiful baby!! I’m glad that you are all safe and well 🙂 Many greetings and love from Anja!

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