Waiting for Baby Project: Happy Stacker Ring Toy


Here we are at the tail end of Week 39.  Just 3 more days until our due date.  🙂  As the little guy has decided to keep me waiting, I thought I’d work on a few projects while I just about die of anticipation.

First up?  I had bought the pattern for this stacking toy a while back.  I thought for sure that once I got knee deep, the kid would decide to change my plans.  I guess reverse psychology doesn’t work on fetuses.

Pattern:  Happy Stacker Ring Toy by Heather Bailey

Fabrics:  All from my stash.  Birch Organics Raccoon Acacia, Monaluna Shroomy, Monaluna Family Fox, some Heather Ross gnome fabric from old Munki Munki pajamas (found on Etsy), and two Japanese cotton canvas prints that I’ve had sitting around forever.

Notes:  This worked up surprisingly fast…. but, I do happen to have some time on my hands these days.  Knocked this out after a couple of afternoons and a couple of evenings.  The whole project involves a lot of hand stitching (which I happen to love), so be prepared.  Also, the directions for assembling the rings are… challenging.  I’m not sure that I could do a better job at explaining the process myself, but it did take me a little while to get it.  Once you get one ring down though – it’s easy street from there.

Overall, I am pleased as punch with this sucker and can’t wait for the little dude to get his mitts on it.  Hear that, baby??  There are toyyyyyyys waiting for you out heeeeeeere!   Fun, cool, super toyyyyyyys!

(Think that will help?)







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  1. This can include birthdays, holidays, or just listen to music!
    Now that you have pint sized Monet on your
    hands. When he starts to read the book on his own, he would notice the book has
    repetition of words and sentences, rhyme and rhythm to
    help him comprehend better.

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