38 Weeks!

So close.  SO CLOSE.



Okay, y’all.  Let’s make this happen, k?  I’m ready.  Let me shout it to the universe:  “I AM READY!”

We’re up to weekly doc visits which each include an ultrasound and an non stress test (it’s fun being an “older” mom… lol).  It’s not bad, really – just longer appointments – and, of course, we were a little on edge for the first one.  But all is great – and to top it off, when we saw our little guy on the screen, the technician shouted out “WOW!  Now, that is a head of hair!”.  We saw it floating in the fluid as if it were kelp in the sea!  I want to know what color it is.  I want to know what color eyes he has.  I want to see his face.  ON THE OUTSIDE.

I also really want to remove this ginormous weight from my hips and lower abdomen.  I don’t want to be a complainer – it hasn’t been my style through this whole experience – BUT, I have to admit that this has gotten pretty dang uncomfortable.  I’m ready for the big dance – time to get this kid out.

Let’s see if he’ll make Week 39 the week!  Think good thoughts for us!



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