Week Thirty Seven

Phew.  Week 37 was a doozie.  (I am glad to graduate to Week 38 and hope it will be much less stressful!)


So, my last day of work was this past Friday.  The feelings associated with this fact were surprisingly complicated.  The two weeks leading up to my last day were crazy difficult, including long hours and stressful last minute conversations with management about how my time off would be handled and all that fun stuff.  I experienced everything from feeling utterly exhausted to considering putting my leave off for another week.  In the end, I listened to my husband (and my body) and stuck to my plan to depart work 2 weeks before my due date.   As I spent almost my entire Monday sleeping, I would say I made the right choice.

On the bright side for Week 37?  My parents are stateside!  They left Switzerland and made their move back to the US this weekend.  They’re in Houston now (wahoo!) awaiting the closing on the house they’re buying and we will hopefully see them this weekend.  Having my Mom only 3 hours away – before the little guy even gets here! – is a big bonus.  Thanks, Universe.  (I’d say I owe you one, but we both know the reverse is true.)

PS – And happy happy first date-iversary to SteveKam!  6 years ago on Saturday, we went out on our first date where we drank beer, played Nintendo and enjoyed a really good kiss goodnight (or two) don’t ya know.  🙂  Six years later and those are still some of our favorite things to do together…. hee hee.


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