36 Weeks

Oh my gosh, we are getting close!


The temps are getting high here in Austin, so I finally broke down and bought myself a maternity bathing suit.  (Expensive – in my opinion – even at Target!)  It killed me  to spend the money since I’m only a few weeks away… but 97 degrees?  It feels like 107 to me.  We’re going swimming.

We saw our midwife this past week – we’ve now seen all the OBs and midwives at our practice and my confidence and trust in them is high.  I’m so grateful we found them!  When we found out that our insurance wouldn’t cover the birthing center I had my heart set on, I was seriously depressed (and anxious).  Luckily we found a group that is all women – half OBs and half midwives.  The hospital they work with is the only one in Austin that affords midwives the same privileges as OBs.  All the ladies have been fantastic so far (this coming from someone with a case of white coat phobia mind you) and they are super supportive of natural birth, doulas, birth plans… it’s been so nice to feel confident that the person helping deliver my little guy is going to be on the same page as me!  If something happens and I end up with a c-section, I will know it’s because there is not any other option.  NOT because someone wanted to make their tee time.  🙂


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