Week 35

Made it through week 35 and here we sit – less than a month from our due date!



Things are getting a little crazy around Rancho del Kam these days.  We’re scanning our lists to attempt to figure out what things we still need and haven’t yet acquired.  We have more onesies that this kid could possibly get through before outgrowing them…. but apparently no newborn size sleepers or gowns.  I also still have no idea what he’s coming home in.  I don’t even know if I care!  I’m more worried about getting him into that car seat without hurting him… and then getting him out again…. and then…. I must admit that every time I think about bringing this little guy home from the hospital, my brain freezes…. I look at Steve and say, “Wait.  What do we do then?”  Oh, responsibility!  I have wanted this for so long and still feel completely UNprepared for it.

But, no point focusing on that!  Nope – we are off to Target today to grab some essentials for our labor and hospital bags.  Fun things I have completely neglected until now – such as nursing friendly shirts and stuff like that.  Again – if it’s after the birth, it seems I haven’t yet wrapped my head around it yet!

We also met with our doula this week to finalize our birth plan (and to get another pep talk from her.  Hee hee.  I needed that!)

The nursery looks like a disaster area again as we get gear assembled and work on how the heck to organize all this stuff into a small space.  I’m confident we’ll figure it out.  🙂  But for now – the room looks like Babies R Us exploded in there.

Wild times, people.  Wild, wild times.  (Only to get wilder!)


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