Lucky 33 Weeks

Lucky may be a strong word.   🙂


All those pesky third trimester symptoms that I thought maybe I was lucky enough to avoid seemed to show up this week.  I suddenly got reeeeeeally uncomfortable, my emotions have been all over the dang place and sleep is now as elusive as a double rainbow.

But, as always… something came along to lift my spirits and get me back on a positive track.  This week it was a big something!  My amazing sisters and Mom organized the most ridiculously adorable, love filled baby shower on Earth – in honor of our itty bitty buddy.

I’ll link to some photos once I get my hands on them (I was having way too much fun to snap pictures myself!).  The entire soiree was woodland themed – just like the nursery! – and included games called “Oops, My Water Broke!”, “Pin the Handmade Diaper on Baby Kam’s Butt” and “Build a Baby Kam”.  Again… photos are really necessary.  The whole party was amazing and it was such a treat to hang out with all the girls (including my bestie Danielle and my beloved Great Aunt Nan who flew in from Long Island!) for the afternoon.  I feel so so so lucky to have all these incredible people in my life – and it melts all my insides to know that our little guy is arriving to the world already loved so dearly.

See?  Frown turned upside down.  Not that I’m less uncomfortable or sleeping any better…. but it’s hard to stay down with a weekend like that.

About 6 weeks to go!


1 Comment

  1. I got uncomfortable around this time as well. All I wanted was a good night’s sleep and not to visit the toilet every 10 minutes!

    You’re so close!

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