Week Twenty Nine

Okay – super busy, exciting week around here, people!



My youngest sister got engaged to her longtime sweetheart.  We are so excited for Caitlin and James, we can hardly contain ourselves around here.  🙂

SteveKam returned home Monday night and I was beyond relieved to see him.  We had a mellow Tuesday and then spent Wednesday night downtown watching my sisters Caitlin and Mary perform their recital for an improv class they just finished.  (Really – Caitlin could do this for a living.  Some of her characters had me rolling.  At the very least, this girl could write some killer comedy skits!  Are you listening, SNL?)  Was very proud of them both – the guts it takes to get on stage in front of a big room full of people?  More than I’ve got!  They did a great job and it was super fun to spend a night doing nothing but laughing.  🙂

Thursday night, we caught Jurassic Park before it headed back out of theaters.  It was glorious.  That movie is a McNally family classic, to which all 4 of us daughters know every single word.  In 3D?  And IMAX?  Yeah.  It was pretty super.  We’re wondering what the baby heard in there…  If he comes out with an innate and unreasonable fear of being hunted by velociraptors, I guess we’ll know why.  Or maybe he’ll become a paleontologist.  Time will tell!

With SteveKam home, we attended the second half of our childbirth class together and it was great.  I am feeling so positive about our choice of doula after being with her in class for a couple of Saturdays.  She’s a really great person and I have a lot of confidence in her experience and knowledge.  🙂  I’m also starting to feel really upbeat (although admittedly nervous at times!) about the birth.  I think it’s going to be really important for me to maintain a positive attitude and to make time for myself to get – and stay! – centered in the next couple of months.  Yoga needs to come back into my life on a regular basis.  No more excuses!  I’ve been walking every day and started to track my protein to be sure I’m getting plenty as we head into this last stretch.

Working on a couple of blankets for friends whose babies are either just arrived or on their way (yay!)…. as well as knitting a little hat for our guy.  I’ll have some crafty updates to share soon!


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