Week 28



Well, here we are.  Our last trimester!  Wahoo and yikes, people!

Hard to believe that we are 12 weeks (or so) away from meeting our little guy.  Even more amazing to me is the fact that 12 weeks suddenly seems like a very short time.  🙂

I started our childbirth class this week and really enjoyed it!  Steve was out of town, so my sister Caitlin (my amazing, wonderful, super supportive, awesome sister Caitlin I should say!) filled in as my partner/coach.  (She did great!)  The class is taught by our doula and it was great to get some more time with her.  We’ve got one more 6 hour class next week and SteveKam will actually be here for that one.  🙂  Good thing, too – I may be doing all the physical labor, but he’s going to have some work to do, too!

My Dad visited this weekend on a side trip while in Houston on business.  We had a nice visit and some good meals – as always.  A couple other perks – he got a sneak peek at the nursery and being a photographer (the person who got me started at a young age actually), he offered to take our weekly bump picture since Steve doesn’t get home until late tomorrow night.  What luck!  Otherwise, I was going to be fiddling with a tripod and a remote… pretty sure this was the better option.

Speaking of SteveKam… I must admit I greatly underestimated the effect his absence would have on my pregnant self.  Turns out, being apart for 6 days was a little harder than expected.  Also … he does a lot around here!  haha.  Taking care of the house and the animals on my own has been a little tough with a growing belly getting in the way.  But, we managed and I’m glad he got a few days of R&R with his friends up in CT.  I really wanted him to be able to take that trip before this kid was on the oustide.

But from here on out…  we’re both sticking close to home please and thank you!



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