Week 27

Week 27 was a pretty nice one despite battling some sleep problems.  I had some really bad insomnia for a few nights in a row.  I was just about to start losing it when I took some advice from a friend and tried Wish Garden Herbs Sleepy Time Pregnancy – it helped calm my mind and my bouts of sleeplessness weaned away.  Thank goodness!  I know there will be many a sleepless night in our future – but no need to start early please.  🙂


Our friend Meezie was in town for work this week, so we got to get together for dinner which was such a treat.  We love Austin, but it is soooo nice to see a familiar face every now and then!  We miss that gang quite a bit, so we’re hoping for more visits…  luckily, we live somewhere that is super vistit-able!  (hint, hint friends.  no excuses!)

I finished up two pretty big baby projects this week to boot.  Curtains are done – and turns out they are fabulous light blockers… that room is super nap worthy now – even for us grown ups!  I also finished up a blanket I’ve been knitting for a while.  I’m hoping to take some photos and get some more crafty posts up this week to share all I’ve been doing.

To top it all off – it was Easter!  A McNally family favorite.  🙂  We celebrated with brunch at our place – which has pretty much become tradition.  (And one of my very favorites!)  We feasted on quiches, homemade mac and cheese, French toast casserole, asparagus with hollandaise, fruit and green salads and – most important of all – bunny cake.  (Check it out. My sister Mary has become our go-to bunny cake baker.)  We had a blast and Layla Dog even behaved herself pretty well considering the amount of food she was surrounded by.

Kiddo is on the move a lot lately!  I’m feeling pretty gigantic now… and wondering how it’s possible that I will be getting even bigger in this last trimester….  but I just keep stretching out!

Glucose test at the doc’s office tomorrow.  Think good thoughts!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed…..  and chugging water.



    1. Thanks, mamacita! At least the blood draw was painless… 😉 I didn’t even pass out this time! Ha! Now, we wait…. in the meantime, I am eyeing a piece of bunny cake for afternoon snack. Hehehehe.

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