26 Weeks – A Little Late

Tardy in posting this week!

My old MacBook has been getting progressively slower and more temperamental over the past 6 months.  Well, we finally did something about it.  After almost 6 years, SteveKam gently nudged me – it was time to move on.  After months of hemming and hawing, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a MacBook Pro.  Sweet heavens, we are still getting acquainted but I must say I’m already smitten.  🙂

So, we are in the process of moving everything over and it took me a couple days to get back into Photoshop to work on this week’s photo.



Week 26 was pretty fun.  🙂  It was SteveKam’s birthday and I baked for the first time in what feels like FOREVER.  I made him a crazy indulgent chocolate cake with peanut butter filling, chocolate frosting and chocolate ganache topping.  Ri.Dic.U.Loussssss.  Thank God we had help eating it – although he has been chipping away at the leftover half all week.  (He doesn’t seem to mind.)

The best part of his birthday, though?  He finally felt our little guy kick!  It was the best birthday present he got by far.  (And it made me pretty darn happy, too!)


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