Week 25

Had a great start to the week and a bit of a rough end… Thursday night a knot the size of Arkansas magically appeared in the ball of my left foot.  While I was sitting in a chair at a tax office with SteveKam.

(Foot cramps?  Really?  Because back fat and stretch marks weren’t enough.  lol)

So, I’ve been limping around a bit since then, battling some swelling in that spot and a lot of tenderness – and twitching!  I hear this stuff is pretty common, so I’m not too worried…. just wicked annoyed.  I need my feet to walk!  For real!



Overall though – super productive week!  I finished up the diapers and crib sheets and started working on the nursery curtains.  We hung a set of shelves (yay!), got my Mom’s old rocker out of storage and hit up a consignment sale for some books and a few other goodies for a steal.  I made it to yoga on Saturday, banged up foot and all, and got some social time with other mamas.  So – even one footed, Week 25 was a winner.  🙂


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