Party at my Crib

After finishing those diapers, instead of taking a break from sewing (like a normal…. say “sane”… person might), I was dying to knock out an instant gratification project.

My Mom says it sounds like I am already nesting.  Nope, this is just me being pregnant with a teensy bit of energy for the first time in my whole pregnancy.  I can’t. stop. making things.

I had already picked up some fabric for two sets of crib sheets and had some extra 1/4″ elastic hanging around, so I figured I’d try my hand at bedding on a super exciting Friday night at Rancho del Kam.  (See?  We are already settling in nicely to the idea of being lame homebodies… hee hee.)


Well, in about 2 hours, I knocked out both sheets!  Friends, if you sew, here is the easiest way to personalize  your little one’s sleeping space – and it’s cheap cheap cheap!


I used this easy to follow tutorial – seriously, make a couple of these and you have it memorized!

As for fabrics, I spotted a great sale on the Birch Organics Scamper line (by Rebekah Ginda) and fell in love.  I’m going to use fabrics from that line for all the nursery bedding, including a quilt, a duvet cover for the guest bed in there and some pillow cases.  For the crib sheets, I went with these two.


On a side note, I’ve never been one on spending extra money on organic fabric… But, Birch Organics designs are so adorable, I really couldn’t resist.  The soft color palette drew me in for baby bedding and this collection in particular fit right in with the woodland theme we are creating in the nursery.  I also really liked the idea of organic bedding – his little newborn body will be right on the sheets after all!  So, with some sales at the right time, I stocked up – and in the end, still spent way less than I would have if I had attempted to purchase organic bedding instead of making it!  Food for thought from a usual cheapskate.  🙂


The verdict?  Easy easy easy.  This is something even the most novice seamster can accomplish.  Cheap + easy is really super – but my favorite aspect of this project is that for a very small investment of time and money, you can really personalize the space you are undoubtedly working your rear end off on!  Huzzah for crib sheets!

I’m off to check my stash for any more 2 yard pieces of fabric I have hanging around…. I see one or two more of these in my future.


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