Diaper Duty

They’re finished!  Well, a big butt batch of them is.  I know full well it won’t be until our little guy arrives, and we have diapered for a little while, that we will know which type, fabrics, closures, etc work best for him and us.  I decided to make a set of 24 – using two patterns that seemed to have the best reviews.  I then mixed the lining fabrics up a bit, as well as the type of pocket.  I figure this gives us a little variety and if there is one combo that just flat out doesn’t work for us, we’ll have a bunch of others to fall back on.  (And I’ve now built up a little stash of supplies and can crank out a diaper fairly quickly if we need replacements.)


Sewing Patterns

I decided to go with pocket diapers and knew I wanted them to be adjustable one size dealies.  After a bit of digging, I settled on two patterns.  Both had clear instructions that were easy to follow, though I preferred the style of the VB pattern’s directions a little more – the font they used was a lot easier to read in my opinion.  🙂

Very Baby One Size Pocket Diaper Pattern

This pattern produced a slightly smaller diaper with (what I think is) a lower rise.  I decided to add stitching around the legs as is done in the NykiBaby pattern.  I know this is a big no-no to some, but it really made the seams sit better and produced a sturdier end product in my opinion. I’ll be washing them all in hot water a number of times before it’s go time, so all the stitches should seal up nicely.


NykiBaby Diaper Pattern

On the other end, the NykiBaby diaper ended up being slightly larger with a bit of a higher rise.  The tabs are more rounded and much larger.  I decided against using the snaps for the top closure and instead went with a wider hook and loop take than I used on the VB diapers (2″ instead of 1.5″) to make up the difference in size.


I used waterproof PUL (polyurethane laminate fabric) for the outer layer of all the diapers.  (I’ll write up a separate post with a list of all my favorite fabric and supply sources.)  Where I mixed it up was the inner fabrics.  I went with a variety of microfleece, micro chamois and athletic wicking fabrics.  I used a microsuede for my first two test diapers, but quickly decided it wasn’t for me.  I just hated the feel of it, so moved on to the softer options.

I made 6 using the athletic wicking material – more out of curiosity than anything else!  I’ve heard that this fabric in particular is really great for overnight diapers as it’s super stay-dry.  Maybe these’ll also be good for daytime?  Time will tell….




I made 8 diapers using the classic pocket opening as included in both patterns, but used the NykiBaby technique to line the opening with scrap PUL.  (It makes the opening more durable and looks cuter, too!)  For the rest of the diapers, I took a chance and followed the tutorial I found for an easy wash pocket.  The design made sense to me and after making a couple this way, decided to just go for it.  🙂

Other Adjustments & Tips

  • I attached squares of loop tape next to the squares of hook on the tabs to ease laundering these suckers.  (If you’re not familiar, you stick the squares together and your hook tape doesn’t get stuck to other fabrics in the wash!)  This was included in the VB pattern, but I added it for the NykiBaby diapers, too.  Seemed the smart thing to do!
  • I also added a square of loop tape to the outside of one of the tabs on each diaper (again – included in the VB pattern, but I did this on all of them).  The idea is it gives you an exra small option for the waistband should these be too big for your newborn babe.  (Hmm… don’t think I’ll have this problem… lol  But, you never know!)
  • The Very Baby pattern instructs you to cut the fabric on the fold, but I found it more efficient to make a template for the entire body piece and cut the entire piece as a whole.  Just trace the pattern out on to some cardstock, flip it to trace the other side and transfer the markings.  This allowed me to cut a few at a time – yay efficiency!





Overall, I am thrilled with the results of a few weeks of hard work and armed with a little more diaper knowledge than I had before! On to some bamboo, hemp and cotton inserts!

Also – a little crafty shout out to my girl, Jennie, who I made a batch of all in one diapers for way back when her cutie Alli was born.  I really put that experience to work for me on this project!  Hooray for adorable cloth diapered babies.  Hee hee.



  1. What a pleasant surprise to see this great post about handmade diapers. I love how you used a variety of fabrics and styles to see which one works best for your family. Way to go for planning! I just took a break from cutting out my pattern for a Flip-like diaper cover. After seeing this post I’ll definitely crank one out tonight. Lol. Thanks for the encouragement.

    1. Thanks! They were so fun to make with all those different fabrics. 🙂 Gave just enough variety to keep a repetitive project interesting! Good luck with your diaper covers!

  2. I love this post I wish you had gotten to try them out already I’m due in September and have both those patterns I just haven’t started working on em yet. Great info thanks so much.

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