Week Twenty Four

Another week has flown by!


Closing in on the 6 month mark and I can hardly believe it.  Some days, it feels like I’ve been pregnant forever but the time is suddenly passing a lot quicker.  I’ve finally started to get some energy back (yes, it has taken this long).  I’m attacking my list of projects and spending lots of time working on the little guy’s nursery.  This week, we moved furniture around, put down a new rug, installed a new overhead lamp and picked up a cute dresser we’re going to use as his changing table.

We also had a doctor’s visit which included another ultrasound since BB-Boy Kam wouldn’t cooperate last time.  Well, not much changed in a month.  He was still being difficult.  🙂  Hoping they got the images they need, but they said they would let me know if we need yet another look.  One thing they could tell me for sure is that he has some long legs!  Other than that, he appears to be about the right size for his age and the things that they could see all looked in order!

Our next appointment is in another month and will involve that dreaded glucose test.  Blah!  Keeping my fingers crossed that I pass and don’t have to worry about gestational diabetes.  I’ll feel a lot better when this one is behind me!

We’re looking into doulas and birthing classes.  3 and half months to go… it’s happening and suddenly feels very real!


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