Week 23

A busy week around here between work and home projects.

We cleaned out the closet in the spare room and worked on organizing our storage space in the house.  That spare room is starting to look like a nursery!  Very exciting.

I’m knee deep in diaper making, but finally feeling like I am making real progress…  (I think if I can keep on it, they should be done in the next week or so.  Hooray!)  Steve started work on what I hope to be a super cool addition to the nursery… I think I’ll keep it a secret until it’s done.  But trust me – it’s going to be awwwwesome.  🙂  I also have a baby blanket on my knitting needles – it’s my project when I need a break from my sewing machine.

Work has been incredibly stressful lately, but doing my best to keep my chin up and to leave it at the door when I get home.  (Well… since I work at home a lot lately, that’s extra challenging!  But, I’m trying.)

The little guy is moving around a lot these days!  He does a little boogie after I drink coffee or a big glass of water and is especially active when I lay down to go to sleep.  🙂  Guess I’d better get used to that, huh?



PS – it’s taken until now… but I officially feel gigantic.  Thunder thighs and back fat.  These are things I have fought off with a vicious fury until now, but there’s just nothing for it.  My Mom tells me that chubby pregnancies result in better breast milk which makes for babies with healthy appetites who sleep through the night at an early age.  I’m not going to look it up.  I’m just going to believe her this time.  (And let’s encourage her to write a book.  These are the type of pep talks we preggers need.  There will be no fact checking.)



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