Week 21

Happy Lerv Day to all!  🙂  Cheesy, of course, but I am in favor of any holiday that results in me being taken out to dinner and encouraged to indulge in sugary treats.



The Kam and I kept it low key, enjoying the latest ridiculously awesomely ridiculous installment of the Die Hard franchise at the Alamo.  But though I insisted that Kiko being cured of cancer was the only thing I wanted this year, I did receive some pretty flowers and a slew of chocolate covered strawberries (my favvvvvvorite!)

Quick post today as we are off to California bright and early tomorrow.  We get to meet our adorable tiny niece Jamie for the first time (I’m so excited!), as well as my bestie’s baby girl.  Also on the agenda is a mini babymoon – SteveKam and I alone for a couple of days exploring Monterey and Big Sur.  I cannot wait!

Have a great week everyone!  We’ll see if I get motivated to post some vacay photos while on the road.  🙂


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