Week 18

This week, our photo features a special guest – Kiko Cat. (The bump isn’t all that visible… but it’s not much bigger than last week!)


We’ve had a rough week.  A rough, rough week.

I went through some stress at work that needed to happen in order to save my sanity (and health).  It involved me saying “no” – something I am terrible at when it comes to my job.  It was not fun.


Then we noticed a bump on the noggin of our beloved Kiko Cat.  A bump that was certainly not there even a few days earlier.  We thought maybe it was a little injury or abscess from a tussle with Louie Cat.  Off we went to the vet the next day and the results of our visit were… shocking.  He has an aggressive mast cell tumor.  It’s bad.  We cried.  (We wailed if you must know.)  We discussed our options and will be bringing our little buddy in for more tests on Monday to see if we can find out exactly what we’re up against.  We are doing our best to not freak out or to mourn him quite yet.  We intend to do all we can to maintain his quality of life – and extend his time with us if at all possible.  We’ll find out if we have those options after the x-rays and ultrasound we’re getting done.

Kiko Cat is SteveKam’s best furry friend.  His loyal companion, always in his lap nuzzling his chin.  This is hard for both of us, but especially for him.  I want so badly to be big and strong and able to bear this load – to help him to my best ability.  But I must admit I am filled to the brim with hormones and every time I look deep into Kiko’s trademark green globe shaped eyes, I break down sobbing.  (And then I hug him for 15 minutes until he wriggles away.)  I really hope Monday’s appointment presents us with some real possibilities to help the little guy.  I just don’t feel like it’s his time to go yet.  😦

On the bright side, Kiko is currently in great spirits and so far seems completely oblivious to what’s going on.  He hasn’t lost any weight and is eating and behaving completely normally.  We’ve got all fingers and paws crossed that this is a good sign.

In the meantime, cuddles 24-7 and as much tuna as he wants!


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