As you could guess, Steve and Layla had me laughing when we took this week’s photo….



My appetite.  It is BACK.  There are days that I could eat an entire meal at any time of the day.  I’m craving food glorious food in general – but my most common hankering these days is for anything Asian:  Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean…  I’m telling you – I could eat it day and night and I’ve found my tolerance for spiciness has significantly increased since this little one showed up.

Now that I think of it, we just ate dinner but I could really go for some of those delicious tofu serrano spring rolls from Elizabeth Street  Cafe – with the spicy sweet vinegar and peanut sauce.  Oh man.  This kid is gonna be an eater.



  1. P.S. I heard Drew Barrymore named their baby girl “Olive” because of the food references they use to discribe to you the size of your baby growing inside you. “Olive” is cute….”Onion” not so much!! 🙂

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