Sweet 16 Weeks Along

I can’t help but imagine how I will be posting similar titles on the other side of labor… 16 weeks on the OUTSIDE.  😉  


So, here we are at 16 weeks.  A bit less than a month to go now until we find out if this kid is a boy or a girl, although people are starting to make predictions.  I’d say the overall vote is leaning toward boy.  Of those folks, the majority are quite vocal that they want this to be a boy.

Now, any of y’all that know me in real life are well aware that I don’t like being told what to do.  Never have.  (Sorry, Mom!)  When I was telling my BFF how people were pronouncing this would be a boy, proclaiming that they knew it just had to  be, that there are already so many girls in our family (on my side, that is) this surely has to be a boy and won’t that be grand – yadda yadda and so forth – I said to her, “For some reason, this is irking me!  I can’t figure out why.  It must be the hormones.  I have a whole set of reasons to be excited for either a boy or a girl.  What do I care if people lean one way?”  Her response was simple.  “You don’t like being told what to do.  If everyone tells you it’s a boy, you are instantly going to turn around and say OH YEAH? and insist it’s a girl.”  You know, I think she’s on to something.  Guess that comes from knowing someone more than half your life.  🙂

Anyhoo – gender is certainly on my mind these days as I start preparing to sew diapers and  think about things like decorating the nursery.  We’ve already decided to go gender neutral on everything… but the curiosity is getting to me.  I just can’t wait to know!

And for the record – I really am excited either way.  🙂  I mean, boys represent a world that I know nothing of – I grew up with (and believe it or not – babysat) only girls!  It means a new adventure from the get-go and that seems pretty neat.  Not to mention I have absolutely adored every little boy my friends have had – in my experience, they have all been huggers.  I love that.  And, the idea of SteveKam out in the backyard throwing a baseball back and forth with our son?  Yeah, that’s pretty dang heart melting.

Girls – well, hell, do I even have to say it?  I come from a family full of strong women and the biggest appeal to me there is the idea of passing down everything my Mom, Grandmas, sisters, aunts and cousins taught me along the way – as well as those amazing cowboy boots I had when I was small (photo below from my 365 project).  Girls are tough.  But they are kickass.  🙂


Either way, we’ll know in about 3 weeks now…  and then I get to start geeking over adorable tiny clothes and even more sewing projects!


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