And so it begins…

Oh, blog.  You’re so neglected.  I know I’ve said it before but this time THIS TIME! I have a reeeeeeeeally good excuse.

SteveKam and I had started to try our hand at baby making over the summer and after a few months with no luck, we decided to kind of take October “off” to relax, reset and just not think about it for a little bit.

So, obviously it was on October 21st that I discovered I was pregnant.

I really shouldn’t call this a lesson learned or anything – because it is pretty much the story of my life… but still… we found this beyond amusing.  SteveKam was out of town on business when I figured this out and I spent the next week bouncing around our house in shock and disbelief and spending waaaaay too much time staring at my belly wondering just what the hell was going on in there.  It was really good for my mental health when his plane finally hit the ground and he was home.  🙂

Anyhoo, to fast forward through the next few months, I experienced some morning sickness (that never resulted in actually getting sick – just a feeling that it was a constant threat.  I know it could have been so much worse, but still…. no picnic) and had a few little scares early on that thankfully turned out to be nothing at all.  We got to see the little bean via ultrasound at our first doctor’s visit and just a couple of weeks ago got to hear that glorious woosh-woosh-woosh of a heartbeat that now plays on repeat in my head on a daily basis.

We waited to share the news publicly until we were sure everything was A-OK and we were able to hold it in until my parents came from Switzerland to visit for Christmas.  🙂  It was a real treat to tell them in person.  And now… the floodgates have opened.  I’m gaining weight and it’s not something that can be hidden anyway!

I have a ridiculous sewing list as you could easily imagine… including a set of cloth diapers, baby wipes, burp cloths, curtains for the nursery and eventually CLOTHES!  ADORABLE, TINY CLOTHES!  I’m pretty excited to get started.

Our other pre-natal project that Steve and I are taking on together is a weekly photo of the bump.  We had wanted to start last week… but we were benched with a hideous cold that we are both still recovering from.  So, Week 15 is now our starting point.

Hope you enjoy following along as we see just how big my ass (and other various body parts) can get in 6 months.


Happy New Year!



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