Anise Jacket – Week One

So, the Anise sew-along has begun!  I am a teensy bit behind due to a massive head cold that has hit me this week, but I have managed to gather my materials and make my muslins.

A wool flannel in light seafoam and a black & cream polka dot silk charmeuse.  I’m toying with the idea of adding a contrasting piping along the collar and pockets… we shall see.

Muslin #1:  Size 10, no mods.  Tight across the busty!  But, well fitting everywhere else.  I made sure to try it on with a light sweater since that’s most likely the weight of clothing you’ll find me in down here in Austin the next few months.  On to…

Muslin #2:  Size 10, 1/2″ full bust adjustment.  Gave the girls just enough breathing room – no more ugly wrinkles!

Now, on to cutting the real fabric, attaching interfacing and working on my bound buttonholes!  (Oh – and healing up so I don’t look like a zombie!)


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