Sew-along time!

I have eyed many a fun sew-along over the past year or so… wishing on a star that I might someday have the time to participate in one.

Well, it turns out that wishing stars take too damn long so I am just forcing myself to make the time.  (Hear that you stupid, lazy stars?)

I’ve decided to take part in the Colette Patterns Anise Sew-along!  The Anise jacket is quite a project to tackle – it will certainly be the most involved garment I’ve created in the past 5 years (or maybe more).  But, I’ve been wanting to push myself – to get back to the level of sewing I was doing many moons ago (when I thought this was what I’d be doing for a living).  A jacket is a great start.

But, me being rusty, I am so happy and excited to sew along with other sewists and get some good visual instruction from the designer.  I’ll be making the long sleeved version and I’ve ordered my fabrics – a seafoam wool flannel (from B. Black & Sons) and a polka dot silk charmeuse for the lining (from Mood).  Gathering together all my supplies and I’ll be working on fitting the muslin this week.

How about you?  Anyone else out there sewing along on this one?  There’s still time to jump in!


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