I took Friday off as I was in dire need of a mental health day.  I know you’ll be shocked to know I spent it sewing.

I wanted a quick fix project – there’s nothing like that high sense of accomplishment when you crank out a wearable garment in a matter of a few hours.

Also less than shocking is the fact that I looked to Colette for a pattern that fit bill.  Apparently I am just going to work my way through their entire collection.  🙂  I’m gonna go ahead and say I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

I pulled out a piece of delightful, sigh inducing Liberty of London cotton lawn and set to work.  I decided to make matching bias tape since the print was so tiny and deliciously delicate.  And seriously – if you are a stitcher and you’ve yet to work with Liberty fabrics… do yourself a favor.  Find a project that requires a small amount of fabric (Sorbetto took 1.5 yards in my case) and splurge.  Liberty’s expensive – no doubt – but totally worth it in my opinion…  $35 a yard?  Yeah, I know.  But, look for a sale at (AWFUL customer service – but I was able to get 20% off and like… 3 weeks later – ugh – I had my fabric.) or your fabric warehouse of choice and it won’t hurt your wallet too viciously.

Anyhoo, apologies for the ridiculously terrible photos… my regular photographer was out of town.  Luckily, he’ll be back tonight so I’ll have him back in my employ for the dress I’m currently finishing up.  🙂

Pattern:  Sorbetto by Colette Patterns (free PDF download! yippee!)

Fabric:  Liberty of London Tana Lawn in Kayoto Olive

Trim:  homemade bias tape (same fabric)

Notes:  This was my first experience using a pdf pattern and it was fabulous!  It, of course, involved some extra work since I had to tape the pattern together before cutting, but it went quicker than I expected and I love that if a pattern piece gets mangled or lost, I can go back and print another just like that.  Love!  This tank was a really easy project – and fast!  Just about 2 hours from start to finish (not counting the time to make my bias tape).  I see a few more of these in my future for sure.

Oh, outtakes!  I had lots this time, but most I am unwilling to share.  🙂  Here’s an attempt at using my timer (without a tripod because I am THAT lazy) as well as a shot of me imagining I have go go gadget arms, not these meaty little stubs that can clearly not carry my camera far enough away to take a shot of my body.  Duh, Sarah!




  1. Thanks, lady! 🙂 I was way too impatient to set up the tripod or wait for the man to get home. And btw, your avatar dealie looks like a rocket or… a rocket shaped appendage… hehehe.

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