Wedding 4 Sale!

Okay, not a whooooole wedding.  But, a lot of really awesome wedding stuff!

I decided it was finally time to tackle the project I’ve been putting off for about 10 months now.  Going through all our remaining wedding stuff.

There are banners and flags and favors and decorations and lots and lots of little things.  Since so much of it is in really fantastic shape – and since I don’t think we’ll be throwing ourselves another wedding anytime soon – I’ve decided to sell a bunch of it.  We could use the money to pay down wedding/life debt and honestly, after all the work we put into that day, it would be nice to see parts of it live on in someone else’s wedding.  🙂

So!  If you know of anyone looking for some loverly little doodads – or in some cases loverly big doodads *cough* hand crafted photo booth *cough*, please please send these links their way!

75 glass candle holders
Home made mason jar chandelier
The greatest photo booth of all time. Srsly.
Hand lettered chalkboard table numbers
Extra chalkboard signs and chalk ink markers


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