Who likes short shorts?

Not me, actually.

I prefer shorts that are flattering to my shape.  Meaning not sticking to my ass or up it.  As I’ve been on a Colette kick lately, I thought I’d give their Iris shorts a shot as my next project.

I was lazy and decided not to make a muslin… instead I chose a very inexpensive grey suiting fabric (cotton with 2% spandex) for about $10 and took a chance.

Pattern:  Iris

Main Fabric:  Grey suiting (cotton with 2% spandex) from JoAnn

Lining Fabric:  Silk print from stash

Like every other Colette pattern I have attempted so far, the directions were clear and the finishing techniques very nice.  I found the entire project easy – and quick!  I had some concerns about the waist fitting too high, so I did size up to be safe.  I usually run between size 8-10 in Colette patterns, but I made my Iris shorts in a size 12 since I knew I wanted the waist to sit just a little lower.  Definitely the right choice for me – I was very please with the final fit.

I did encounter a little issue when piecing together the main body of the shorts with the waistband. But after taking in the side seams by about a quarter inch, they matched up perfectly – leading me to believe I was off when I cut my pieces out.  Hey – happens to the best of us!

I had a little fun with the pockets, using a great silk print that I’ve had in my stash for over 5 years.  (Obtained at a craft swap many moons ago – all hail the Hat City Scissor Squad!  Some of my coolest stuff originated at either a craft swap or a holiday gift swap.  Word.)


Overall, super stoked with the finished product and I have two more pairs in the works.  🙂  Living in Austin, you can never have too many pairs of shorts… and until now, I only had 2 pairs to my name.  For shame!

O hai.  Still here?  Want more?  Well, here are some jumpity outtakes from my photoshoot with SteveKam.  Jumpity!


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