Wedding Tunes

So, for our wedding music, we decided to hire our iPod as our DJ.  SteveKam was a little skeptical at first, but the wonders this one choice did for our budget won him over.  🙂  We rented an “iPod/Laptop” sound system from Rock n Roll Rentals here in Austin – the cost?  About $75.  A human DJ?  Thousands.  Yeah.

And really – I wanted control over what music was in the air that day.  Eliminating the middle man put me in the DJ booth and I took my responsibility seriously!  Ok, yes.  I took everything about creating our wedding seriously.  To the point that I was on wedding overload for months and only now getting to share some of this info.  I obsessed over the playlists.  Ok, yes.  Just as much as I obsessed over every other handmade item.  But, hey!  All that hard work was worth it – and I’d have to say that the music was a hit with some friends and fam asking for the playlists – and even my great-aunt asking for a set of CDs so she could listen at home.  🙂  That felt like a blue ribbon being pinned to my chest.  It felt so great to hear how much people enjoyed it!

So blah blah blah – I know – enough!  Let’s see the goods, shall we?

Pre- Ceremony Playlist

Processional & Recessional (all the guys walked down the aisle… then the gals… then me and my Pop)

Cocktail Hour


Formal Dances (Me and SteveKam, then me & my Dad and then SteveKam and his Mom)

Dancing Dancing Dancing!

I shared all these lists on iTunes using Ping – they’ll be listed under my (new! married!) name:  Sarah Kamalsky.


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