A Little Behind

Not that I have one, but that I am one.

So, my prayers were answered and we (along with our little menagerie) were approved for the rental house we wanted.  Hoorah!  The downside of this is the obvious – we have to pack.  Like, now.

We get the keys on 3/20 and luckily have a little overlapping time with the old place so we can do the move over the course of a few days instead of all at once.  It’s also nice to have some extra time to clean the old place up – although I must say – even as is – we are leaving it in much better shape than the way we received it.

So, I think I must declare Maker’s March delayed until April since I have just packed all of my craft and art supplies up in tidy little boxes.  (Waaaah!)  Again, there’s a bright side… there are few things I love more than creating a new space.  I can’t wait to dig into our office/craft room and get all my goodies unpacked and wacky ephemera back on the walls.  It’s always fun to set up my studio – every incarnation is unique and better than it’s predecessor.

I am also starting to fall behind on the 366 bites challenge.  There’s just too darn much going on right now.  But, I’m going to cut myself a little slack and do the best I can through the move – and then jump back on the wagon wholeheartedly as soon as we are unpacked!

I’ve really been enjoying posting more often recently, so I hate to take a break from the blog right now… but again, have to cut myself some slack and know that it is okay that I am unable to do every single thing I want to do every single day while taking on a project like a move.  🙂  I might love Wonder Woman, but Wonder Woman I am not.

With that, I’m off to finish some more work and pack my way through a few conference calls.  (Times like these I sure am grateful for work from home days!)


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