Maker’s March: Day Six

I had a bad day.  I mean a really crap, bad day.  I got to work to find out that my badge mysteriously stopped working.  I got to my little cubicle to find that my telephone was missing.  (I was moved last week from a different part of the building and was told that they “lost” my phone.  Yeah.)  To top it all off, we were waiting on word from a realtor to hear if we were going to get the rental we wanted or note.  Hours and hours went by with no word.  Then, I got home to scramble around pulling all my documents together for our tax appointment only to find out 30 minutes before said appointment that we had to reschedule.

So, as I sat down with a glass of wine, I decided that if I wanted good news instead of bad news when the news finally came, I was going to have to shift my focus to something a little more positive.  Why not spend some time telling myself I was going to get what I wanted?

Make it happen.

I took out my pencils and some paper and started sketching out a card for when we move.  🙂  Happy thoughts, people.  Happy thoughts.


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