Birthday Mitts!

Now that my handmade birthday gifts have been received, I can finally unveil what I was working on for the past couple of weeks.

I really enjoy making gifts, but birthday gifts are especially… um, special.  🙂  Christmas gets super hectic, so although I always have grand plans for gifts, I don’t always make them happen.  But birthdays are a little more manageable and since they are more personal they are the perfect occasion to make something for someone I love.

Last month, my verbose, energetic, culinarily skilled friend Kelly celebrated a birthday up in NYC – and just this past weekend, my Mom celebrated her birthday over in her brand new home in Switzerland.  Two lovely ladies who inspire me to get creative in my own kitchen…  what to make them?  Well, I thought a set of oven mitts would do nicely – and it was a new project for me to boot!

Pattern:  Square Pot Holder from In Stitches by Amy Butler

These turned out to be a little labor intensive, so these are not something I’d replicate to sell but are the perfect labor of love for gifting.

I’m happy and all warm and fuzzy inside to report that both recipients loved their surprise.  🙂  I love that!


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