My Sister Mary Makes Dinner

So, hey!  Did you know that I have 3 very talented younger sisters?  I like to beam with pride about each at different times, because ,ya know, I like to take credit for their awesomeness despite the fact that I surely had little to do with it.  (Besides toughening them up with frequent wrestling matches or death threats when they would touch my stuff.)  I KID.  I KID.  Not really.

ANYWAY, today I’ll brag a little about sister #1 (chronologically – they are not rated.. although… that could make for some pretty sweet birthday gifts… Mental note:  Revisit sisterly rating system.)

OH RIGHT.  Sister #1.  So, Mary Helen has been cooking for a while now, completed a community culinary program back in CT, took cooking classes in Beijing while she lived there and then started a blog to write about all things food.  Well, the good folks at took notice and included my sister as one of the chefs teaching online cooking classes on Google Hangouts!

The full scoop on ChefHangout can be found over here and Mary’s profile can be found over here.

But, WAIT!  There’s more!  As the site just launched, they’re busy little bees promoting the goodness.  Mary will be giving away some free passes to her classes!  Check out her neat little blog to see how to enter.  She ran a bunch of test classes in preparation for the unveil and let me tell you – they are FUN and what you make is delicious!  I participated in a veggie quinoa stir fry class as well as a vegetarian dumplings class (you learn to make your own wrappers!).  Big fun and it is neat to cook along with the instructor – especially because you can see what she is doing and ask questions!  Try accomplishing that with your Barefoot Contessa cookbook!  Psh.




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